ADT custom installations are made possible by purchasing additional ADT-approved security equipment for you home. Simply choose from our complete line of additional equipment to meet your specific needs.

Wireless Window and Door Sensors:

Protect additional doors or windows by using our Honeywell wireless sensors. Whether you live in a small condo or a multi family home in Miami, our ADT approved wireless door and widow sensors provide complete protection.

Glass-Break Detector:

Audio frequency detectors actually pick up the sound and vibration created by broken glass causing the alarm system to initiate a siren activation. These glass break sensors have a 25 ft radius which is adequate for most rooms. Dual sensors process low and high frequencies to eliminate false alarms.

Pet Friendly Motion Sensors:

Do you have a dog or cat? No worries with our pet friendly motion sensors. The pet immune motion sensors provide protection from intrusion yet allow pet owners to leave their pets loose in their homes while the alarm system is armed. State of art technology processes the way the animal walks as well as hair density to know the difference between a person and a pet. The sensors are pet friendly up to 40 pounds.

Keychain Remote Control:

With just a touch of a button you can arm or disarm your security system. The keychain remote control allows you to arm the system in the stay mode or away mode. Another button on the remote keyfob allows for system disarming. A panic button is also built in to the keychain remote which activates the system sirens and notifies the ADT monitoring station.

CellGuardĀ® Communicator:

Your ADT home security system is truly made effective when a Cellular communicator is added. No phone lines needed. Cellular monitoring is the fastest and most efficient way to transmit alarm signals to the ADT monitoring central station. Cut or down phone lines due to weather conditions are common in the South Florida area, but with CellGuard service your home alarm system is always operational.

Two Way Voice Module:

Add the ability to audibly monitor an actual alarm event using our ADT monitored two way voice system. Dade and Broward county police consider a two way voice alarm as a verified alarm which creates a higher priority dispacth. This means better police or fire alarm response. ADT operators actually stay on the line with authorities in the event of a real intrusion into your home.

Smoke Detector:

Whether your security system is armed or not, our smoke detectors are always monitored by the ADT Monitoring station. If smoke is detected the smoke sensor initiates an audible intermittent siren sound. The ADT Monitoring station is immediately notified so the the proper authorities can be notified.

Medical Alert Button:

For elderly or special needs persons, the ADT medical alert button provides instant notification for emergencies. This medical alert gives a great sense of peace of mind for anyone who has an elderly parent living alone. Upon pressing the button, the monitored alarm system sends the signal to the ADT central station and the operator in turn calls the location and then notifies the others on the approved call client call list.

Carbon Monoxide Detector:

Unsafe levels of carbon monoxide are immediately detected by the ADT approved carbon monoxide detector. A loud noise from the sensor is initiated and a signal is sent to the ADT monitoring station. The proper authorities are notified immediately by the central station.

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