Our residential and commercial plans include ADT 24 hour monitoring for fire, medical and police response. In addition to this, all of our equipment plans and packages are covered by ADT’s Lifetime Guarantee.** ADT stands by the equipment we install and in the event your home or business alarm needs service, you’ll never pay for labor or parts for warranty items.

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    (Basic) ADT 24/7 Monitoring:

    ADT Basic Home Alarm Monitoring utilizes your existing home phone line to transmit a burglar, fire or medical alert signal to the ADT Monitoring Station. This Basic Plan provides peace of mind at a price any family can afford. ADT 24/7 home or business alarm monitoring incorporates the latest technology to ensure when seconds count the proper authorities are immediately dispatched.

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    Two Way Voice ADT 24/7 Monitoring:

    Get the same great service of our basic plan, plus the advantage of using a two-way communications system linked to one of ADT’s five monitoring centers.

    Using a special control panel with a speaker and microphone, you can communicate hands-free with an ADT Monitoring Center dispatcher from up to 75 feet away. ADT dispatchers can listen in on a burglary in progress and confirm your alarm’s status with the police. Additionally, this allows you to reach an ADT Monitoring Center if there is a medical emergency in the home and you are unable to make it to the phone.

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    CellGuard® ADT 24/7 Monitoring:

    With ADT CellGuard Service no phone lines are needed to report fire or burglar alarm signals to the ADT monitoring station. 24/7 CellGuard monitoring signals are sent through the AT&T network to provide the fastest communication link possible. CellGuard communication means no one can disable your system by cutting your land lines or in the event of outages you are still connected to the ADT 24/7 monitoring station.